Help required!

Lots of things grease the wheels of the publishing machine, not least of all – the words of readers.

So I’m calling on a favour.

Think what you will about Amazon (terrible capitalist machine or cost-cutting time-saver), reviews on their site make a huge difference to book sales and to future books being published. And for some reason, though Composite Creatures has lots of reviews elsewhere, there are hardly any on Amazon at all!

Also, in typical reviewer style – it’s mostly just the strong opinions (positive and negative!) that make an appearance. So please, if you’ve read Composite Creatures and you enjoyed it, please give it a positive rating, or even better, a review!

Here’s a quick link.

Reviews matter a great deal to so many authors. We hate asking for them, but they make such a difference to our future prospects.

So if you want to read more weird stuff from me… Please do leave a positive rating. 😊 I’ll owe you one.

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