Three Drops Beltane Anthology

Perfect for this time of year, when the trees are budding, the sky is lightening, and there’s a little bit of potency in the air… Three Drops from a Cauldron have released their latest anthology – the Beltane edition, and my poem ‘The Silver Birch’ has been included!

You can read the anthology online here.


I absolutely love the premise of Three Drops. It’s a home for poetry celebrating magic, folklore, mythology, and history – and a little bit of added weirdness along the way. It’s a place for storytelling, and reading the anthologies, pamphlets, or e-zine really takes you back to a time when we would have huddled around a fire listening to unbelievable tales of the past or the otherworld.

For those of you know don’t know, I’m also on the Three Drops Team as a Poetry and Drama Reviewer, so if you have a pamphlet or script written in accordance with the loose themes above, do send them to our Editor-in-Chief and we’ll review it!



Book Review: Being With Me Will Help You Learn by Thomas McColl

I reviewed Thomas McColl’s full length collection for Three Drops, and it was wonderful!

Three Drops from a Cauldron

A Three Drops Review

Being With Me Will Help You Learn by Thomas McColl

[Reviewed by Caroline Hardaker]

‘Being With Me Will Help You Learn’ is a truly eclectic collection of poetry, poetic prose, and short stories by Thomas McColl. McColl’s fictions have been widely published in contemporary journals, magazines, and anthologies, and this particular collection includes some of McColl’s published pieces from 1995 onwards. This collection is the first to be published by Listen Softly London, a fledgling press based in London, and it seems to have been a very good start for them!

The pieces in the collection flit between gritty realism and dystopian fantasy, fluctuating frequently between written forms. A reader can be thrust from a short lyrical poem to a gripping and urgently delivered new-report, giving the sense of a chaotic world spiralling out of control. There’s such a range that though all of the poems…

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Rat’s Ass Review – ‘Love & Ensuing Madness’ Collection

My poem ‘Succubus’ has been featured in the Rat’ Ass Review ‘Love & Ensuing Madness’ collection. Woohoo! Here’s the link. It’d be amazing to see this collection as a print edition – the poetry is so eclectic and (a lot of the time) freaky.

It’s an honour to be included alongside names I’m starting to recognise. I really do feel like I’m starting to become part of a wonderfully eclectic, clever, and supportive community. 🙂


Fresh Featured – March 2016

At little belatedly, I’m posting a link to my Fresh Featured interview for Pankhearst. I was the Fresh Featured Poet for March 2016!


I’ll always have so much love for Pankhearst. They were one of the first places to publish my work at all, and they’ve had constant belief in the words I write. I was honoured to be featured.

Here’s a link to the feature and three poems too.