Three Drops Beltane Anthology

Perfect for this time of year, when the trees are budding, the sky is lightening, and there’s a little bit of potency in the air… Three Drops from a Cauldron have released their latest anthology – the Beltane edition, and my poem ‘The Silver Birch’ has been included!

You can read the anthology online here.


I absolutely love the premise of Three Drops. It’s a home for poetry celebrating magic, folklore, mythology, and history – and a little bit of added weirdness along the way. It’s a place for storytelling, and reading the anthologies, pamphlets, or e-zine really takes you back to a time when we would have huddled around a fire listening to unbelievable tales of the past or the otherworld.

For those of you know don’t know, I’m also on the Three Drops Team as a Poetry and Drama Reviewer, so if you have a pamphlet or script written in accordance with the loose themes above, do send them to our Editor-in-Chief and we’ll review it!


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