The Nos.

And the unavoidable Nos. We’ve all had one. Very probably more than one. The often blunt response to a carefully curated piece of your creativity can hurt, yes, but it’s also a constructive thing. I thought I should write this in solidarity, for everyone that’s received a No! If you put yourself out there, they’ll…Read more »

Ghostly Words

I keep coming back to the more otherworldy words I write. Telling a ghost story can be as simple as telling a very ordinary story where something goes dreadfully wrong, and it’s hard to understand such an unusual turn of events. A hand found behind the curtain, a finger dropping off when a knuckle is…Read more »

Staying Alive

It only seems fair that as well as my own writing I share those words I find inspirational too, right? đŸ™‚ I was given a book of contemporary poetry for Christmas (thank you Mr.H) which is turning out to be insightful in so many ways. In combining thematic poetry of the last century, Bloodaxe Publishing…Read more »

What Connects

I love writing which sounds like an outburst. I suppose that’s quite a simplistic statement but it’s true nonetheless. A flash of automatic writing and a story combined. One of my more rhythmic  bursting poems has been published on the I am not a Silent Poet blog. Occasionally I do have a bit of an…Read more »