Journal#2: Ghostly Words

I keep coming back to the more otherworldy words I write. Telling a ghost story can be as simple as telling a very ordinary story where something goes dreadfully wrong, and it’s hard to understand such an unusual turn of events.

A hand found behind the curtain, a finger dropping off when a knuckle is cracked… These stories will always be my favourites. A poem I wrote regarding a knuckle cracking has been picked up by Neon Literary Magazine and will be released in February alongside two other short poems from me. That Knuckle piece will also be published in a small anthology by Pankhearst in May.

If I ever get stuck for an uncanny idea, I drift back through old photographs. Normally pictures from holidays work well, as the setting is even less familiar to me now than it was when I snapped to. What secrets wait behind those doors…?


Right now, photos from our Copenhagen honeymoon are working a treat.

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