Staying Alive

It only seems fair that as well as my own writing I share those words I find inspirational too, right? 🙂

I was given a book of contemporary poetry for Christmas (thank you Mr.H) which is turning out to be insightful in so many ways.


In combining thematic poetry of the last century, Bloodaxe Publishing has put together words which hit you like a solid punch when you find yourself drifting away.

I loved the tagline – ‘real poems for unreal times’. These are unreal times, it’s easy to lose our connection to our own primitive need to survive when every day we’re living with bleeping gadgets at every turn, demands on our time at work and home, and often an inability to sleep.

This book is the first in a trilogy, so head to Waterstones and be slapped in the face with some words! It’s worth it!

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