Ok, so I’m not particularly pirate-y, but I like to think that I might be a rogue in my own particular way. This month I’ve been published by Picaroon Poetry, a magazine especially for poets of the roguish sort. I’m honoured to be read as dangerous enough, as usually I feel as edgy as a satsuma.


You can read my poem ‘Pigeon English’ over on the Picaroon website.



I Stain

I don’t often get too political. I think it’s a responsibility of the thoughtful poet or bard to give meaning to a chaotic world, or to help understand a state overcome with horror. I worry that I can’t write eloquently enough, that I don’t understand the facts well enough, or even that I’ll say something wrong. I want to be shocking, but often I’m too meek to try to shock people.

I was moved to write a short piece on the refugee crisis, and it’s just been shared over at I am not a Silent Poet. I did feel nervous submitting it, in case I wasn’t describing the suffering well enough, but then it occurred to me that perhaps I didn’t have to record everything – I only had to write what I thought I could understand. And so I wrote about a refugee, a wounded refugee, seeing the stains of blood as a map of his own life, and the map of the huge distance he is to travel.

You can read the poem here.



Happy September! And the leaves come tumbling down. I love autumn.


The month has been kickstarted by my poem ‘I Love You’ being included in issue 10 of Allegro Poetry Magazine. You can read the issue here.

I’ve hardly had any time to write or be creative at all lately – moving house and various family and work issues has sapped me of it, but now I’m starting to feel that familiar frustration… A feeling of things building up and needing to be released. It seems that storytelling is the outlet for me!

I did manage to submit two short stories last month to an anthology. This is a little out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed writing them and I’m definitely doing more. Hopefully they’ll find a home in 2017.

Right. This autumn, let’s get going. Let’s get writing.