Journal#20: Radio Silence Explained (grab a cuppa)

It’s been a while! But 2022 has already proved itself to be a year of new things.

I think this is first time since starting this blog many many many moons ago that I haven’t stuck to my once a month schedule. But there’s been A LOT going on since New Year, and every moment of the day seems spent before it’s even happened.

So I thought I’d do a little round up of where I’m at with everything, and also share some of what’s been going on in the Hardaker household since January 1st.

So crap some tea and a biscuit. Here goes…

Time to grab a cuppa

Has anyone else’s health been kicked to the curb in 2022?

In the grand scale of things happening in the world, our health woes may seem pitiful. But still, it’s been relentless. A pretty constant stream of super-viruses, rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, conjunctivitis… And then the big covid bomb. First Mr. H, then me, then little N. We were all pretty ill, but Noah was by far the worst. At one point we were referred to paediatric A&E. Luckily he’s all fully recovered now, and seems to have more energy than he’s ever had before. It’s wonderful!

However, after one day of us all being finally well, and I decided to fall down the stairs. Fun! My ankle resembles an egg glued to an apple. Despite how horrendous it looks, I can hobble around now which is a good thing, as Noah is determined to explore EVERYTHING he couldn’t while he was ill. Sigh.

My new novel – completed

And aside from all of this, I’ve been working hard to finish my latest work-in-progress, writing this one mostly at twilight (which is a very good time to write this book).

I’m thrilled to say that it’s now finished, and already out there – somewhere in the cogs of the publishing machine. It’s an odd one, and I can’t wait to see what readers think of it. Keep your fingers crossed that I have a happy announcement to share about this soon!

Secret book #1 – completed

I can’t really talk about this one too much yet, but suffice to say a wonderful new creative collaboration of mine has resulted in a secret book being written.

It’s some ways it’s very different to my other books, but in other ways, it’s not at all different. It’s meant that I’ve been able to flex my poetry skills once more – which is something I was determined to do in 2022. So that worked out well!

It’ll be a wee while before this one flies the nest, due to boring contractual things. But I couldn’t be more excited for the day when it does. It’s going to be a whole new world to explore, and one I think current readers will want to explore, too. 😊

Secret book #2 – commenced!

This is another secret project with my wonderful collaborator and mentor.

This one is a bit speculative at the minute, but I’m brimming with ideas and keen to explore yet ANOTHER bookish world. If this project comes to life, it’ll be one of the most fun things I’ve ever written. Dark and mythic and beautiful.

2022 has already proved itself to be a year of new things. Whatever next?

A new novel – floating

I’m floating ideas for this one.

There are a few flapping around my head, and I’m currently working out whether they’re their own tales or whether they’re different elements of the same one. In the coming weeks I expect these flapping birds will settle into their respective nests and I’ll be ready to start outlining. The most exciting AND most daunting stage. It’s when my next writing year could travel in so many completely different directions, yielding entirely different results. Rather like the branches of a tree.

Wish me luck!

And life?

Well, life just carries on. The world is a crazy place at the moment. All we can do is find a way to best spend every minute – whether it’s meditating, creating, sharing, or helping. Living consciously and deliberately.

I’ll be back in touch again soon, I promise. 😊

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