How long should you wait between writing new drafts of your novel?

When looking up advice about drafting and redrafting your novel, you’ll frequently see writers and editors suggesting that you wait between clicking the cap on your pen after your first draft and reloading the typewriter for your second draft (yes I live in the 1940s). But how long does this wait have to be? How…

BBC Radio Newcastle – The Evening Show

The episode’s available to listen to for the next month, so catch up with it here to hear me do my best Marks & Spencer voice and listen to some upbeat tunes.

The Stinging Fly – Fear & Fantasy Issue

It’s been out a few weeks, but I’m still on cloud 9 about this one… One of the top literary magazines in Ireland, The Stinging Fly, has included some of my poetry in their Fear & Fantasy issue. Mia Gallagher acted as the guest editor for the issue. And you can read her thoughts on…

Three Poems on Swings & Roundabouts

I’ve had three poems published on the Swings & Roundabouts blog – yippee! Swings & Roundabouts is an up-and-coming artistic collective, sharing work from poets, artists, fiction writers, and anyone else if they feel the need to express a creative outburst. You can read the three poems on the Swings & Roundabouts website here. .