A pen for each book

Whenever I start writing a new book, it takes a while for the land to settle. For me to really know what it’s about. How it feels in the mouth. How it lingers in the brain. And then when the pieces do fall into place, that’s when I choose a new pen.

The new book and writing about yourself

I haven’t blogged about this one at all yet. But it means a lot to me. I’ve been writing this one since October, with a few mini breaks in between to rethink, replan, rejig, and – the usual – fret. Why is this book different? This will be my third novel, but not my third…


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What’s your season?

I like to think I’m quite a self-aware person, but sometimes I have literally no idea. Now that I’ve written two poetry collections, two novels, and several other TOP SECRET books that I can’t talk about yet, I’m starting to see a connection.

Journal#22 – On setting off on a new adventure

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, it’s been a funny old year of beginnings and endings. Personal and professional. Inward and outward. While my feet have barely moved, my mind has been everywhere. Travelled lots of different lands. Walked many fells. Crossed a few fjords. It hasn’t been the easiest year. But…