The best quote about poetry you’ll ever read

I came across a quotation today that explains EXACTLY why I write poetry.

I never thought that I’d find such a thing. I’ve never been really sure why I’m a poet. I’ve listened to so many poet pals wax lyrical about why they chose poetry (or why poetry chose them) and though I’ve related to the odd bit of their stories here and there, their tales have never come close to how I feel.

I’ve never been able to articulate why I enjoy it so much or why it’s such an important medium for me. I have talked a lot in interviews about why poetry is a fantastic exercise for all writers, as it helps creative minds to find new ways to describe old things. Well, today I came across a quotation from the poet Pascale Petit in a newsletter from Mslexia Magazine (which I recommend as a fantastic magazine to subscribe to, the way!)

Her words have stuck with me all day and I wanted to post them here as an explanation for you all but also so I can refer back to them myself when I feel creatively lost.

‘A poet’s role is to reconnect with the sense of wonder they felt as a child seeing something for the very first time, like the giant moon on the horizon, and saying, “Wow – look at that!”. To adults many things seem ordinary and everyday, but of course nothing is ordinary.’

Pascale Petit

This describes my love of poetry perfectly. It’s the art of creating awe and wonder. The same awe and wonder I conjured with magic tricks as a child (and occasionally now) and that I experience when I hear an incredible singer live. Through poetry, we offer the chance for readers to see something slantwise, gifting new eyes to see a tired world.

And how magical is that?

The best quote about poetry you'll ever read

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