Composite Creatures in The Washington Post

So last week, Composite Creatures was mentioned in an end of year literary round-up. A very special one.


Composite Creatures has been named one of The Washington Post’s top science fiction novels of 2021! Unbelievable. One of the writers, the wonderful Silvia Moreno-Garcia, actually named it as her favourite science fiction book of the year.

You can read The Washington Post’s round-up of the best Science fiction, fantasy and horror of 2021 here.

Things like this take a long time to sink in, with me. I still feel very much like a novice, but it’s my nature to keep learning all the time as I go. I’m a huge advocate for skills earned, not skills gifted, so any achievement of mine is definitely due to research and effort. It’s really buoyed me up as I try to finish super-secret novel number two before the year end, as I’m at that stage where I’ve lived it through so many times that I’m 100% ready to start something new.

But still – it’s something to celebrate! Because we have to stop and smell the roses sometimes, even when we’re usually too busy to notice them.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Composite Creatures (and support an author, indie press, and the bookish world in general!) you can find it via all your favourite bookshops. Here’s a list to kick you off.

Speak soon!


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