What happens when you pre-order a book?

It’s time for some EXCELLENT news!

Ever thought that one minute something seems like a lifetime away, and the next – it’s on your doorstep?

Caroline Hardaker Writes

Well, it looks like my first full poetry collection is available for pre-order! I can’t believe it’s officially launched in just a few months. Unreal.

Pre-orders help authors and publishers enormously, whatever stage of their career they’re at. Order a copy and you’ll be responsible for me continuing to write and for my lovely poetry publisher – Valley Press – to keep making remarkable books.

It’s only in the last couple of years I’ve truly realised that, and so this year particularly I’ve pre-ordered quite a few lovely books, including: Blue Ticket (@fairfairisles), The Phlebotomist (@ChrisJPanatier), The Midnight Library (@matthaig1), and Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire (@dan_hanks). That’s not to mention all the pre-orders I’ve already received or haven’t ordered yet.

Pre-orders aren’t only publishers’ number games. When you preorder a book, it’s a clear message to the publisher that there is demand for that author’s work, that series, and those characters. It also means the publisher can invest the money they’ve made so far on production, editing, and promoting the book.

So that author you love who you’ve been reading forever? That friend of yours who finally got a book picked up by a small press? They all desperately need your pre-orders. Debut authors especially need a solid showing in book preorders to prove to the publisher that they have a place in the market.

So if you’re considering pre-ordering Little Quakes Every Day, please do! It’ll make my year!

Little Quakes Every Day by Caroline Hardaker

Thank you!


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