Little Quakes Every Day – cover reveal

It’s time to reveal the cover for my second poetry collection!

Get ready… Ta da!
Little Quakes Every Day by Caroline Hardaker

We couldn’t decide on a colour for a while, and actually took it to Twitter and a couple of other platforms to see what the public thought and the results were so interesting! Overall it was a close tie between a dusky blue and purple, and – as there are already so many dusky blue books in the world – we chose purple. I’m very happy!

The illustration is actually of one of the most important poems in the collection. This poem is broken into three parts and introduces the book’s three sections, and features giants who live under the earth. And just like with Bone Ovation, my trusty live-in illustrator (my husband) made the illustration, and I have the incredibly creative Jamie McGarry at Valley Press to thank for the overall design.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be working with an editor to fine tune the poems, so I’m ready to be immersed in the poetry world again. It’s come at a good time, and gives me the change to hang up my prose-hat for a while while I contemplate beta feedback on my second novel.

You can read more about what to expect in Little Quakes Every Day here.

Speak soon!



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