Bone Ovation

Bird, beast or man, we each have the same element at our core: bones. While our forms may change, the bones always remain – and in this thrilling debut, the poet celebrates their beauty and structure though folk tales, philosophy, daydreams and night terrors.

Aided by a host of characters including a girl who fell in love with a mountain, a woman who can only ever look at you sideways, and a man made of bees, within this slim volume Caroline Hardaker creates a dozen unforgettable worlds entirely her own.

(Published by Valley Press, 2017)
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‘Unforgettably arresting.’
– Travelling Man

‘Bone Ovation is a unique collection of poetry which disturbed me into thinking differently about bodies, history, perception and psyches. It does so with a great orchestral style which invites rereading and reassessment. Go check it out!’
– Russell Jones (Read full review)

‘The poems in Bone Ovation are simultaneously soothing and sinister. Each piece here is its own myth – myths that have waited for the right poet to come along before they could be told. Prepare to be transported, disturbed, and enchanted.’
– Kate Garrett

‘The handle of myth is light-hearted and humble, using art and language as tools for reference and meaning. Bone Ovation is a small fable of poetic thought, shaping new imaginings of the modern world to add to an ancient history of mythic story-telling.’
– Kirsty Watling, The Contemporary Small Press (Read full review)

‘Bone Ovation is brilliantly observed and refreshingly unique. The kind of poetry I love!’
– Stephen Daniels, Amaryllis

‘Bone Ovation is a thoroughly enjoyable read – particularly for those amongst us who have a keen interest in the magical and mythical or perhaps in folklore. For the most part, these read as a book of dark fairy tales of the present. Though they may appear simple on the surface, much like a swan on the surface of a pond, there is a lot of busy footwork going on beneath. A great achievement and one sincerely recommended.’
– Amy Kinsman, Riggwelter Poetry (Read full review)

‘A strong debut, and one that makes me want to read more from this up-and-coming author.’
– Marija Smits (Read full review)