Journal#16: Stories for Noah

2021 has only really begun, and for me it continues to be a year of making things. Books, knitting,… and now a newborn.

Last month, amidst writing stories and promotion for Composite Creatures, I had a baby boy. Noah.

And though writing will be paced for a long while, I’m even more determined to make a difference in the world with stories and words. Seeing this little person grapple with a whole new planet which is baffling and bursting with confusing things has reminded me that stores and tales are here to help us understand emotional truths that we’re strangers to.

Though I don’t write children’s stories, I can’t wait to start reading some to Noah. The first book we bought him was a crinkle sensory black and white book of faces, and though it’s a bit premature, I’ve already started to build up his little children’s library with these little gems from The Emma Press:

Still on my wishlist are these:

A couple more (at least!) from The Emma Press:

And these two delights from my old friend, illustrator and children’s author, Sophie Corrigan:

I can’t wait to see Noah start to understand these things, and perhaps even write and draw some of his own stories, if he wants to. Hopefully he’ll inherit his dad’s artistic eye. 🙂

If you have any recommendations for books for babies or very young infants to get Noah started, please let me know in the comments! And if they’re available from an independent press or an independent bookshop, even better. 🙂


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  1. Nell Nelson says:

    Congratulations! What a lovely wee soul, and a gorgeous name too. x


  2. Many congratulations! Noah’s such a cutie. And, funnily enough, we’ve got ‘Moon Juice’ from the Emma Press, which both kids really like. But a while ago I wrote a post about our *then* current favourites. Take a look when you have a spare minute. All the best for the steep learning curve that is early motherhood. Love to you all. xxx


  3. It is very much a steep curve – I’m trying to remember that we’re doing our best, and if I get anxious, it’s just because I care so much!

    I have Moon Juice! I’ll certainly be reading him that at some point too. I’ll read your blog! Much love to you, Teika 🙂 Xx


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