It’s been amazing to see social media light up with flickers of poetry here and there. Whether they’re poetry readers or not, people are sharing their favourite lyrics, couplets, even one-liners. And isn’t there poetry in a cutting first line, or a haunting last image?

My #NationalPoetryDay has been a quiet one. You’d have imagined that I’d at least have written a poem, but I’ve enjoyed the feeling of kicking back with a mug of herbal tea and a good book, and appreciating the diversity of other people’s words for a change. Part exploration, and part research for my little stint at the Ilkley Literature Festival in a couple of weeks. I’ve also got an aching (and stubborn) wisdom tooth issue and a sinus infection, so self-pity might also be part of it too. Woe is me!


I’ve been dipping into some of the other chapbooks from Valley Press. Such variety! I’m not sure yet which I’ll choose to read from at the festival (as well as Bone Ovation), but at the moment I’m thinking maybe The Wild Gods. It might provide an ethereal wonder to the grounded fantasy of my own collection.

Juno chose her favourite, and gave it the official feline endorsement stamp for #NationalPoetryDay.


How did you spend your #NationalPoetryDay?

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