My First Book – Published!

It’s happening! The books are arriving the publishers’ tomorrow, my author page is live… It’s official – I’m a poet! A poet with her own book of poetry. Her own book of bones.
Here it is, in all its glory:

Bove Ovation

I’ve been noticing it popping up here, there, and everywhere online for pre-order; Waterstones, Amazon, Foyles, WHSmith… But it’s seeing it officially listed on the Valley Press website that made me squeeeeeee. Seeing my author page with my grinning face looking back at me. It’s real. My first book.
Like so many people I’d always hoped to see something that was MINE in print, even if it was just the once. Years ago this seemed like such a distant prospect, I doubted it would ever happen. But here we are – I’ve done it! And I’m determined to do more. I feel like I’ve started to discover the world I want to write about. I’m still on a journey but hey – aren’t we all? But for now, I’m going to revel in these here bones.
You can read more and order Bone Ovation through the Valley Press website.

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  1. Wezzlehead says:

    Well done Caroline!


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