Ink, Sweat & Tears Nomination! (Vote for me?)

Just a wee one here, while I work away at a meatier steak of a post later. There’s been so much going on that I’m having to pace myself. Too much blog fodder!

I’ve been nominated for the Ink, Swear, & Tears poem of the month for September. Woohoo! They’re chosen several of the 30 poems published that month and are inviting people to vote for their favourite. If you win, you’re not only poem of the month, but you also are part of the set of poems considered to be nominated for a Forward Prize. Which would be incredible!

I’m up against some creative stuff, but if you’ve a love of succinct writing, the speculative, flash fiction, or science fiction, you might think I’m worth voting for. It only takes a few seconds to click which is your favourite, and you don’t have to register for anything or fill in your details, which makes a nice change. The poems are up there if you want to read them all.

So vote wisely – and hopefully for me! You can read the poems and place your anonymous vote here.

Thank you in advance!


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