BBC Radio Newcastle – The Evening Show

Just a little post today to link to you to my radio appearance on BBC Newcastle’s The Evening Show with Tamsin Robson this week.


The Evening Show features one guest per night – a creative ‘young person’ doing their stuff and achieving great things in the north east. I think I probably stretched the ‘young person’ aspect a bit, but I was honoured when they got in touch to say they’ve read my poetry and seen the work I did for the Newcastle Puppetry Festival, and would I be a guest for the show.

If you want to fast forward to the talkie bits, you can hear me from about 20 minutes in. From then on I talk about how I started in poetry, my work with Moving Parts and the Royal Northern College of Music, and of course – pygmy goats and Mexican Wrestling. Oh, the treat that is my social media accounts!

The episode’s available to listen to for the next month, so catch up with it here to hear me do my best Marks & Spencer voice and listen to some upbeat tunes. Enjoy!


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