Why is poetry important? (An interview)

A mid-month post from me – not JUST to shake things up, but to share a few things that’ve been published recently.

(Anyone else really LOVING feeling autumnal, right now? I’m getting really into my knit jumpers, big mugs of tea, and fluffy socks. I’m raging hot – but it’s still worth it.)

I was interviewed recently by Poetry in Public – a project that puts new poetry by living, working poets in public spaces, whether it be service stations, shopping malls, bus shelters, or those cute little windows on the handles of petrol pumps.

This sort of project is particularly close to my heart. I’ve been working on a couple of collaborations this year that involve blending storytelling with other media, particularly poetry. In February I was the Writer in Residence for the Newcastle Puppetry Festival, and my collaboration with a composer at the Royal Northern College of Music is getting more exciting by the day. We’re set for more performances next year, but perhaps I’ll blog about that in a month or two when there’s more exciting news to share.

You can read my interview with Poetry in Public here.

This week I also had a poem published on the Fresh Poetry site. This piece explores the sometimes surreal waking/dreaming moment when you wake up with a start in the middle of the night.

Have a quick read of my poem here.

And that’s it for this oddly mid-month post. Speak soon!


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