Lest We Forget – ‘It Isn’t Yet Winter’, by Caroline Hardaker

Bit of a bonus blog today – I’m breaking the one a month rule!

I wanted to share a poem of mine that’s recently been included in the ‘The Sorrow’ issue of The Linnet’s Wings magazine. It’s an issue dedicated to today’s centenary – 100 years since the guns were silenced.

I wrote ‘It isn’t yet winter’ about the after-effects of trauma. Even 50, 60, 70 years later, PTSD can still squat inside you, gnawing at your insides with sharp, needling teeth. I also thought about late life, when the forgetfulness of old age can confuse the happy memories with the unpleasant ones, and how some thoughts can cause others to slip away forever.

I took a screenshot of the poem in The Linnet’s Wings, but you can read the whole issue here.

Have a thoughtful day, all.


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