A little reminder that things are always growing, even when you don’t expect it:


Old Age

Sitting silent still.
Low to earth, resting old bones.
The daisies still grow.

© Caroline Hardaker 2016

I wrote this haiku years ago and it was shared on a large poetry website. The website had technical difficulties and I took some of my poetry down. I just happened to search for it yesterday and it turns out a few different haiku sites had shared it, copyrighted with my maiden name Caroline Brown, which is wonderful! It just shows you that you can completely forget about a little thing you’ve done but it may well be ricocheting in directions you couldn’t have guessed. Even if you feel no-one is listening, there’ll be someone out there who remembers.

I write quite a lot of haiku. It’s such a simple form, but gets more complicated the more you learn about it. I know there’s a lot of criticism for haiku written in English, as the complex form of sounds and meaning doesn’t quite translate. But does it even matter? If it means something, it’s memorable, and it communicates, then it has a purpose and it’s beautiful.

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