Midwinter Special 2015 – Part One

For a little bit of Midwinter escapism… Why is it that winter seems so much more magical than the rest of the year? I’m honoured to be included in this lovely anthology.


Three Drops from a Cauldron

Part One of our Midwinter Special 2015 e-issue is now live!

Featuring poetry and flash fiction by: Dennis Trujillo, Sarah Ann Winn, Rebecca Gethin, RMJ Graham, Monica Shah, Caroline Hardaker, Helen May Williams, Carole Bromley, Nate Maxson, Danielle Matthews, Mary Franklin, Kim Malinowski, Erin Lale, Rhiannon Thorne, Cindy Rinne, Irene Buckler, Charles Lauder Jr, Amy Kinsman, Joanne Key, Rona Fitzgerald, Shyla Fairfax-Owen, Matthew Laing, Susan Taylor, C.R. Hodges, Andrea Touhig, T.J. O’Hare, Sarah Doyle, & Shannon Connor Winward.

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