The Thing on Your Shoulder



You Are The Thing on Your Shoulder:


Which would you be, if you couldn’t quite see

the way ahead, whether you were living or in fact, dead?

Do you sing like a bard or drive your purpose hard

through the darkling night? Do you like the light?


© Caroline Hardaker 2015


It’s hard to understand our natures, I know. What sort of a person we are, are we kind, are we less than kind, is what we choose to do deliberate, reactionary, or just due to learned behaviour? Perhaps it’s best to not think about it too much, but I’ve been working on a few pieces for a small collection of poems based some more obscure emotions. The latest one I’ve drafted explores the thoughts running through our head when we’re essentially ‘killing time’ – when we want time to pass, but we know we should savour our moments, and in the end we can’t be sure whether it is the distraction from ourselves that we are looking forward to. We can’t always like our own company. In that sense we’re not in control of ourselves, and we are subject to ourselves and how we make ourselves feel.

There is more to use than dark and light. We are all made up from a whole spectrum of colours.

Today, I’m ochre.

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