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The Cheviot, the Stag, and the Black, Black, Oil @ Live Theatre (13th June, 2019)

‘Moving Parts’ Puppetry Festival 2019 (Part I) @ Alphabetti Theatre & Dance City

‘Moving Parts’ Puppetry Festival 2019 (Part II) @ Alphabetti Theatre & Dance City


Malkin (Camille Ralphs)

Being With Me With Help You Learn (Thomas McColl)

Lapstrake (Wendy Pratt)

Nan Hardwicke Turns Into a Hare (Wendy Pratt)

Hearth (Sarah James and Angela Topping)

Handfast (Ruth Aylett and Beth McDonough)

Inheritance (Ruth Stacy and (Katy Wareham Morris)

Echolocation (Becky Cherriman)

Spools of Thread (Angi Holden)

Exclamation Marx! (Neil Laurenson) – Coming soon