MOTHTOWN – coming November 2023

Finally, FINALLY. I can talk about it. My next novel – Mothtown!

The Bookseller announced the news today in a hugely complimentary article about the book. You can read the whole thing here.

Due to be published on 14th November 2023, Mothtown is described as a “dark, allegorical tale that plays with our perceptions of the world”. And – just as excitingly – the novel will feature some drawings from legendary illustrator, Chris Riddell! I’m so excited to see these in print. They’re just as much a part of the storytelling as the words are.

Here’s a little screenshot from part of the press release:

According to the full press release, I’m unsettling, the queen of speculative fiction, and the Geordie Shirley Jackson.


Here’s a little tease about the novel…

Have you ever felt like you’ve been born in the wrong place?

Middle England. People of all ages are disappearing, strange half-bodies are being found on the hills, and silent mudmen stalk the evening streets of surburbia. Change is in the air.

Meanwhile, an injured man crashes through the wild undergrowth of Mothtown, pursued by two strangers in grey. The doorway is close, he can feel it.

David has always felt different, but finds solace with his Grandad, an astrophysicist experimenting at the fringe of what is known about dark matter. But when David’s Grandad disappears during his last research trip, events are set in motion that’ll change David’s universe, forever.

I can’t wait to share more about the book as the weeks and months go by!

Until next time…


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