Welcome… to BOOKISH TAKE!

During January, fellow Angry Robot author Gabriela Houston (of The Second Bell) and I have been preparing something very special – Bookish Take!

Here’s the teaser trailer…

In this short YouTube series, we discuss our publishing journey, from choosing our initial story ideas to pitching to agents and publishers. We go through the process step by step and chat about how our experiences differ and how you could get started on the road to publication too.

The first episode on identifying your story will launch on 1st March, with new episodes weekly after that. We had so much fun doing it, but we hope that they’ll be super helpful for budding writers and emerging authors too.

New episodes will be uploaded to the Bookish Take YouTube channel here.

We’ve got lots of ideas for future episodes, including interviewing literary agents, taking about what it’s like to work with traditional publishers, and how book promotion works. But what would you like us to discuss next?

Let us know in the comments!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. So excited for this! Best of luck to you both x


    1. Thanks Sam! Hoping people enjoy it!!


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